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Diabetic Flow Sheet

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The Diabetic Flow Sheet is a comparative document that includes the patients diabetic flow sheet, PRN and routine insulin, and hypoglycemic agent administrations. The version used for each patient is based on the settings within the patients chart-type.


There are three versions of the Diabetic Flow Sheet:


Version 1 comparative report of all insulin and blood sugar levels.


Routine    - 7 day graphic representation of all insulin and blood sugar levels.


ICU          - 24 Hour graphic representation of all insulin and blood sugar levels.


Data included on the Version 1 Diabetic Flow Sheet is outlined below:


Demographics Box (located upper right-hand corner)


Patient's name, Medical Record Number & Admitting Physician


Age, sex, & room number


Any drug allergies documented through the CPSI System


In addition to the above mentioned box, a single line containing the patient's name, account number, age, sex, room number and page number will appear along the bottom edge of the page.



The patient's current diet will display in the top right-hand corner of the report, just below the demographics box.


Sliding Scale:  The scale is highlighted in a gray box. It provides the following information:


Date and time the scale was entered, as well as the name and title of the person who entered it


Low and high blood sugar values, as well as the appropriate insulin dosage


If no sliding scale has been ordered, or if one has been discontinued, it will be indicated by the following values and dosage:  0 - 999   0.00


Below the Scale


Date and time of each entry charted


Name and title of the person who charted each entry


Blood sugar level and dose (if administered)


Type of Insulin or Hypoglycemic agent administered


The site where the medication was given


Any additional interventions that were performed


1.To view the Diabetic Flow Sheet, place the mouse cursor over the Diabetic tab on the patients chart.


2.From the drop-down window, click on the Diabetic Flow Sheet tab.




Figure 17.1 Diabetic Flow sheet



3.The Diabetic Flow Sheet and the other versions listed in this section will display in Adobe Acrobat Reader format.



Figure 17.2 Diabetic Flow Sheet Display



4.The following is a full display of the Version 1 format of the Diabetic Flow Sheet.


Figure 17.3 Diabetic Flow Sheet